About Cunningham Stone Masonry

Cunningham Stone Masonry having more than forty years’ experience in the stone industry are well equipped to undertake any stone project whether large or small, detailed or simple.

We use the latest CNC technology combined with highly skilled stone masons and carvers, although technology will never replace a highly skilled stone carver who can add individuality to every masterpiece.

Cunningham Stone are happy to deal with small projects such as  fireplaces , steps and door surrounds to larger and more complex restoration and masonry projects.

We will undertake domestic sub contract work, nominated sub contract work and main contract work for our clients.

Our business can offer a design service where we will do full working drawings with fixing details as well as 3D rendered images of a proposed project as we feel it is important for our clients to be sure they are happy with the detail as well as the aesthetics of the project before production begins.