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Scotch buff sandstone masonry

Completed May 2017

Value £ 70K

Donegal sandstone rubble walling, CS Buff sandstone masonry and Botticino polished marble internally

Stone random rubble walling with masonry details to windows, plinth and porch, marble flooring and stairs internally.

Namibia Marble polished finish

Marble cantilevered stairs with balustrade and hand rail as well as radial flooring, columns and fireplaces.

1_Cultra marble fireplace bottom section
Marble polished finish

Marble fireplace

1_Califormia House

 Local granite random rubble, Peak Moor sandstone honed finish, limestone and marbles internally

The external stone facade was constructed of locally sourced granite random rubble, the masonry details were made from Peak Moor sandstone, the internal flooring, bathroom and stairs were laid with limestone’s and marbles all of which were made in our factory, shipped to site and fitted by our staff on site.