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About Us

Cunningham Stone Limited

Cunningham Stone Limited, having more than thirty years experience in the stone industry, are well equipped to undertake any stone project whether large or small, detailed or simple.

Our Story

Based in Saintfield Northern Ireland, our company takes a project from start to completion, we offer a design, supply and fitting service. We like to get involved with a project at an early stage so we can help and advice on stone detailing and supporting structures as well as fixing details before construction begin allowing a smooth construction process. As part of our design service we provide full working drawings with fixing details as well as 3D rendered images if required.

In our factory we manufacture from all stone types such as granite, sandstone and limestone and use the latest CNC technology combined with highly skilled masons and carvers; however, technology cannot replace a highly skilled stone carver who can add individuality to every masterpiece.

Cunningham Stone Limited are happy to undertake projects of any size from bespoke fireplaces, front doorsteps, door and window surrounds to larger and more complex restoration, masonry and cladding projects.