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Our Process

Cunningham Stone Limited

We have a well stabilised design, supply and fit operation which has been developed over many years to ensure a smooth process from start to finish

Cunningham Stone Limited

1. design

More than twenty years of knowledge

We have a well-established design office with staff who have been working in this role for more than twenty years, their wealth of knowledge within the stone and construction industry is invaluable. We work closely with our client from an early stage on any contract so we can help and advise pre-construction to allow a smooth construction phase of a project

Design Workshop

Drawings, details and specifications from our clients are reviewed before the drawing process begins to ensure the scope and detail of what is require is understood

Site Measure

We can visit the site to photograph, measure, profile and laser scan before starting the drawing process


Drawings, sections and details as well as fixing details are designed and send for client review before amendments or revisions are completed to allow production to begin

Job sheets for our factory

Detailed production job sheets are produced for each stone which are then issued to our factory for production to commence

Cunningham Stone Limited

2. supply

High quality natural stone products, made with traditional skills, combined with the latest technology

We have a well-equipped stone production factory with four and five axis CNC machines as well stone cutting saws, surface finishing and milling machines. We have three banker masons and carvers which give us the ability to anything in natural stone we are required to do

Material procurement

The specified material is selected at source before transport to our factory in large blocks up to ten tonnes in weight. The block is checked for quality and set aside ready for production to begin

Block sawing

The stone is cut into the required thickness using large diamond wet cutting saws

Secondary sawing

Material is sawn six sides ready for machine or hand finishing

CNC machining

Each piece can be shaped and moulded as required CAD technology

Hand finishing

More intricate detail will be finished by hand


Great care is taken when packing material, before it beings its journey from our workshop to site

Cunningham Stone Limited

3. fit

Highly skilled masons and fitters

We have a highly skilled team of stone masons, restoration masons and stone fitters who have many years of experience in the field. With working home and as far away as Jan Jose CA, many have been with us for more than twenty years and have developed their skills allowing them to pass this knowledge on to the younger generation

Material handling

Care must be taken when lifting material from storage and setting it ready to be fitted

Material fitting

Each stone is fitted to its required location based on the design drawings and fixed to the structure using stainless fixings

Job completion

When the stone is fitting, it is pointed and cleaned followed by a final quality inspection